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We have been entertaining children and reassuring parents with a high quality and reliable service at our holiday camps for over 14 years. We provide a wide range of fun and exciting holiday camps at schools across Barnet and Hertfordshire. AFS Kids strive to ensure that all children attending our camps enjoy themselves in a fun and safe environment, where their days are filled full of fun and excitement. We strive to make children’s experience the best part of their school holidays.
We provide parents and careers with accessible childcare at an affordable cost. We understand that all children are different and therefore our camps cater for different tastes and each child’s needs. Our ‘Multi Sports’ camps are sport specific camps and offer children the opportunity to engage in a wide range of sporting activities that they may not normally try. These activities include fencing, archery, gymnastics, tennis sumo wrestling and orienteering. Our ‘Multi Activity’ camps offer a more varied range of activities with daily themed activities ensures variety and enjoyment, there is a good mixture of outdoor activities to get hearts pumping, and indoor activities such as clay modeling and face painting to concentrate minds and encourage dexterity. We also provide sports specific Football and Dance camps those children who want to have fun and develop their football and dancing skills. 
We have registered several of our camps with Ofsted which means that we operate to a high professional standard. For more information on our Ofsted registered venues can be found below. All of our Ofsted registered camps accept childcare vouchers. 
For more information on our holiday camps please contact,