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Terms and Conditions

1. Welcome
Please read carefully through the information below to ensure your child has a fun and enjoyable time on our extra curricular activities.
2. Arrival and Collection
Registers will be taken prior to the club commencing and at the end of the club. We politely emphasise prompt timekeeping at the start of the sessions, and also upon collection. Failure to collect your child by the required collection time may result in your child(s) place being terminated. 
3. Changes and Alterations 
If for any reason we require to alter or change the club, a full refund or credit note will be offered. All For Sport reserves the right to alter or change any club. We endeavour to give as much notice as possible when necessary to cancel or change any club.
4. Refunds & Cancellations 
You have the right to cancel your booking at any time. If you cancel 14 days prior to the club commencing you will receive a full refund. Any time after the 14-day prior no refund will be issued* Payments must be paid in full prior to the club commencing. An administration fee of £5 will be added to any late fee or returned cheque.
*This does not affect your statutory rights. Please refer to the Consumer Rights Act 2015.
5. Health & Safety (Clothing) 
Appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn at all times (including shin pads on football clubs.) Failure to do so may result in your child being unable to participate fully in the club.
6. Health & Safety (Equipment and Playing Area) 
All equipment and playing areas will be visual risked assessed prior to the club commencing. All For Sport reserve the right to changed the location of the club in the event of the playing area being unsuitable. 
7. Health & Safety (Weather)
Children are advised to wear a sun hat at all times during sunny weather. We advise that children wear a collared shirt to protect their neck. Children are advised to apply sun block before the club commences, and have their own supply to administer themselves during the day^. A shaded area will be made available to all children during hot weather. During wet weather it is advised that children bring suitable outdoor waterproof clothing and change of clothes may be required. 
^All For Sport staff will not provide or administer sun block.  
8. Medical Information
The medical form must be completed prior to the club commencing. If your child is on the SEN Register please contact Joe Festa on 07792 256003 prior to arriving at the camp. Failure to do so may result in your child not being able to attend the club. If your child requires medication on the club please contact Nick Mckellow on 07943 743127 prior to commencing the club. Failure to do so may result in your child not being able to attend the club.Failure to provide All For Sport with the correct medical information will result in your child’s space(s) being terminated. No refund will be issued* 
*This does not affect your statutory rights. Please refer to the Consumer Rights Act 2015
9. Photography
All For Sport may take photographs and video footage for future promotions. If you wish to exclude your child, please make this clear in writing prior to the club commencing. 
10. Child Protection
All staff are enhanced DBS checked, First Aid Qualified and hold a range of sports specific coaching and teaching qualifications.
11. Behaviour Management 
Our aim is to ensure all children enjoy our club in a fun and safe learning environment. 
All For Sport Ltd reserves the right to exclude an individual, for the whole, part or future clubs, whom it is deemed may have an adverse affect on the smooth running and safety of the clubs. Any such decision will be made by the camp staff / extended hours coordinator /school (where applicable) without prejudice. Violent or aggressive behaviour, racial or abusive language will not be tolerated. Any such behaviour will result in you child(s) place being terminated on the club. 
12. Data Protection
All For Sport will collect personal data for our own promotional use. We will not pass your personal information onto any third party and 
medical forms will be destroyed after each club. If you do not wish to be added to our mailing list please specify this on the booking form in writing.
13. Complaints Procedure
All For Sport will ensure that the following steps are taken in dealing with your concern / complaint.
13.1 Verbally report your concern to the club staff (School and Parent Paid Clubs)
13.2 Verbally report your concern to the school (School Paid Clubs Only)                                                                  
13.3 In writing report your complaint to the Extended Hours Coordinator (Parent Paid Clubs)
13.4 In writing report your complaint to the school (School Paid Clubs Only) 
Please refer to our Complaints Procedure and Guidelines for more information 
(Available upon request.) 
14. Further information. 
For more information please contact Nick Mckellow (Extended Hours Coordinator) M: 07943 743127 E: