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Course Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction  
Please read carefully through the information below to ensure you are of aware of our terms & conditions and how to access polices and procedures prior to attending a course or workshop. 
2. Training Facilities
Training Rooms provided by the client should be large enough to allow for practical training. This will mean a minimum room size of 35' by 20' for a group of eight. In Training facilities should conform to the minimum standards expected of any organsiation with regard to lighting, ventilation, access, etc. These should be discussed at the time of booking, and may require a visit from a representative of All For Sport Ltd prior to the commencement of training. If the facilities are deemed unsuitable then we will endeavour to arrange a local alternative. In all cases the final decision rests with the management of All For Sport Ltd and any costs incurred will be invoiced to the client.
3. Offline Bookings or Group Bookings 
All bookings and enquiries should be made via our website. For selected courses, group bookings and bespoke courses / workshops please contact for an enquiry / booking form. We shall contact you to discuss you particular booking in further detail. Bookings may also be made by telephone, but should be confirmed by letter or signed fax.
4. Payment 
Payment for courses and workshops should be made through the website for individual learners. Payment for group bookings is on receipt of the final invoice, 30 days from the date of the invoice. Flexible payment options are only subject to selected courses. 
5. Refunds & Cancellations 
You have the right to cancel your booking at any time. If you cancel 14 days prior to the course or workshop commencing date you will receive a full refund. Any time after the 14-day prior no refund will be issued. This dose not effect your statutory rights. 
6.  Alterations 
All For Sport reserves the right to postpone or amend the courses dates. All For Sport reserves the right to alter or change any course date up 21 working days before the course or workshop start date. We endeavour to give as much notice as possible when necessary to cancel any course or workshop.
7. Learner Substitution
Clients may substitute learners for courses and workshops at any time prior to the course commencing. The afPE Level 5 Certificate in Primary School Physical Education Specialism may be subject to a £180 administration fee and the 1st4sport Level 3 Certificate in Supporting the Delivery of Physical Education and School Sport may be subject to a £90 administration fee. 
8. Polices and Procedures
Clients are required to adhere to All For Sport company polices and procedures when attending an open course or workshop. All For Sport and it’s learners will comply to the polices and procedures of its client when delivering a bespoke / closed course or workshop. Selected course and workshops including afPE and 1st4sport courses learners are required to familiarise themselves with specific polices and procedures prior to attending the course. These particular polices and procedures will be made available to learners upon booking payment and confirmation.