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Fitness Movers

Fitness Movers is a fitness-based programme that has been designed to improve the fitness levels of primary school pupils, whilst learning about the importance of leading a healthy active lifestyle.
Fitness Movers is a six-week programme that aims to challenge and improve the three main aspects of fitness: Cardio, strength and flexibility. The programme begins by assessing pupils’ levels of cardio, strength and flexibility. Pupils then participate in 4 fitness lessons, which have been created to challenge and develop their physical capability through 15 activity stations . Each station has it's own unique station card, which has three key questions to challenge cognitive learning and help pupils understand the benefits of leading an active lifestyle.
The programme concludes with the pupils being re-assessed and comparing the results against week 1’s assessment. The data will be presented to the school upon completion.
This programme can provide teachers with professional development opportunity and provides year 5 and 6 pupils with the opportunity to challenge their physical and cognitive learning of fitness.
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