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KS1 Movers

Key Stage 1 Movers is a multi skills Physical Education programme that has been designed to encompass the aims of the National Curriculum Framework, promoting high quality physical education and the development of teaching practices, whilst giving FS and KS1 pupils the opportunity to experience competition. 
Key Stage 1 Movers provides teachers with the opportunity to develop their P.E. subject knowledge confidence through observing our P.E. specialists and teachers.
FS and KS1 teachers will develop their understanding of pupil assessment in physical education by applying effective and continuous AFL. Key Stage 1 Movers allows teachers to develop important factors when teaching physical education such as using key questions to challenge cognitive learning and understand how success criteria relates to pupils achievement in P.E. 
The programme will support your schools development of an inclusive Physical Education programme that gives children the opportunity to experience rules, use literacy and numeracy through PE and competition. 

Schools participating in Key Stage 1 Movers will receive a resource pack, which includes suggested sequence of learning, suggested activities and games, assessment templates and competition layouts. 

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KS1 Movers Brochure